Rich Cavaness Story Video

This is an inspiring video on how you can learn from adversity and defeat in life

Meet Rich Cavaness


Evangelism and Senior Pastor Background

Rich was a Senior Pastor for two Churches in West Virginia and a full time Evangelist with Amazing Facts.  He also was a partner with a Bible-based personal development organization called All Power.  He did this  from 2000-2008.  Rich has the amazing ability to teach and coach people the principles of success through the Bible.


Certified Master Coach and Napoleon Hill Instructor

Rich has been coaching people since 2006.  He has received his Certified Master Coach Practitioner designation for the Certified Coaches Federation and he is a trainer for them for the basic Life Coach Practitioner Certification training in Dallas, TX.  Rich is also a Certified Instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation as he teaches and coaches people the 17 Principles of Personal Achievement.  Rich, and his Wife Libia, are Relationship Coaches as well helping couples navigate their way through life's journey in marriage.  He also conducts sales training and growth sessions for businesses with sales teams and those that do not have a sales manager on staff.  


Professional Speaker, Author, and Trainer

Rich has authored five books and two workbooks.  He has a passion for building businesses around his books.  Rich is a very polished, professional, and content driven professional speaker.  He speaks over 25 times each year to different groups, businesses, churches, and local chambers.  To learn more about Rich, go to his numerous websites: