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20 Powerful Sessions of Life Changing Teachings

Just to be crystal clear, this is NOT about a particular denomination or church teachings.

This is a Bible based personal development conference, everyone from all walks of life 

and beliefs are encouraged to attend.  

Some of the topics covered include:

  • #1  enemy of success 
  • Mindset is the KEY to everything! 
  • 97% of all behavior is determined by these two forces…
  • The 7 letter word that will Detox your body from the inside out
  • Your past doesn’t need to determine your future
  • Understanding  your Identity and Divine DNA
  • How to better relate to others and make relationships your strength
  • Attitude  is the catalyst to a better life
  • The 8 Mental Laws of the mind
  • How  the Bible and Law of Attraction work together
  • 95% of all human behavior comes from these two forces
  • Living  from the inside out by your moral compass
  • You are what you believe!
  • 16  Powerful wealth concepts
  • How to live in the top 1%
  • How to create your best future now!
  •  Your past doesn’t need to determine your future

How Will Power to Thrive Benefit Me?

* You will learn to bust through the things that hold you back in your life.  

* You will learn to really live and walk in strength and confidence into your God-given purpose and reason for being.  

* You will come to understand that the Bible has the answers for us pertaining to our health, wealth, and relationships

* You will learn how to live each day better and to elevate your results from each day as well. 

* You will learn how the subconscious mind works and its power to affect your life

* You will learn to identify past hurts so you can move forward with your life

* You will learn the power of self-talk and how to eliminate limiting beliefs

* You will learn how physical and mental health will lead to emotional well being

* You will learn the power of manifesting and focusing on what you want in life

* You will learn the secrets to emotional bank accounts and love languages

* You will learn how your money blueprint has affected your life and where you are at today financially

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This is NOT just your typical seminar, this is a transformational experience!

What sets Power to Thrive apart from other personal development seminars is that the concepts touch all learning styles .

Different learning methods will be used such as:

* Dyads

* Small Groups

* Large Groups

* Visualization

* Games

* Drills

* Interactive Learning Sessions

* Lots of Music 

Concepts are presented in lecture form (auditory learner), in visual form (visual learner) combined with an exercise to practice what the participant has learned (hands-on learner).  In doing this you walk away with more than a textbook knowledge of the material;  You have an intellectual, physical, and emotional experience with the concepts presented.  

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What is the Power to Thrive Format?

Each Session is 30 minutes in length followed by a 10 minute break.

* Session theme song

* Welcome back

* Big group sharing (6 times during 3 days)

* Theme summary

* Brief Bible teaching principle on subject

* Lesson teaching (25 minutes)

* Dyad or workbook time

* Power quote for session

* Sometimes a closing song

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What is Included in the $97.00 fee?

The fee is designed to cover the costs of the meeting room, workbook, snacks and drinks each day, and the meal for lunch on Saturday,   The value is amazing, this conference should easily be priced at $297.00 per person!