Finding purpose for your life


"Rich has helped me gain a new sense of purpose for my life."
                                           Jered F.

Creating a vision for your future


"Rich is a visionary helping people to see things they can't see for themselves.  He has an innate ability to ask the right questions to help people open up that vision for their future."
                                         Danny B.

Super Energetic and Empathy towards others

"What makes Rich a great coach and teacher is his ability to put himself in other people's shoes and to see the world from where they are."

                                          Dean H.

Changed Lives

Communication with Empathy

"He is a strong communicator and an empathetic listener.  I personally have heard him give sound instruction to others seeking his counsel."

Peggy S.

Rich is a Living Magnet

"Rich is a very encouraging and genuine person.  He brings energy and enthusiasm to a room when your with him.  He is like a magnet that makes you want to connect with him."

Misty H.

Rich Knows How to A.C.T

"Rich is very approachable, consistent, and trustworthy.  I have introduced to Rich my family for future business dealings."

Maco A.

Everything You Want is on the Other side of Fear


"I had a lot of fears and reservations about moving forward with certain goals and desires and Rich helped me get where I am today professionally and personally."
Shanessa C.

Comfort Zones are Freedom Killers

"Rich has taught me to work outside my comfort zone and press through my fears and self-directed limitations.  He has shown me ways to be a better person and tap into my potential in my business, personal life, and in my relationships."

James M. 

Communication and Motivation

"Rich is a real communicator.  He can take difficult concepts and make them easy to understand.  He motivates me to dream bigger, take more action, and to look at forward progress.  He is very encouraging and has a personal energy and warm about him that makes you feel that you can do better than you thought yourself."

Pastor Byron C.